Built in 1886 by Will and August Brann, the Cornerstone served as the Harbor’s first hardware store. After moving the store across the street, the Pub lived on as the town’s funeral parlor, with Will Brann’s carriage and two race horses providing elegant processions. In the 1920s the building became a bar gaining prominence in the 1940s as Paul’s Glass Bar, featuring a large, multicolored glass bar. It was Paul and Viola Herbst that began the Cornerstone’s tradition of providing a place to meet good friends and eat good food, starting with our famous Friday night fish fry.


In 1986, the Weisgerber family took over the business renaming it “The Cornerstone Pub,” updating the building, adding our dining room. Rich’s impressive collection of Green Bay Packer memorabilia provided a patriotic atmosphere and Sandy’s generosity made the Cornerstone an inseparable piece of our community. In 2010, the current owner, Paul Salm, plucked his good friend Matt Koehler off of Washington Island and they renamed the business The Baileys Harbor Cornerstone Pub.



The logo, affectionately known by our staff as “The Fish” originated as the flag that flew over the Salm region of southwest Germany in the 1300's. The Flag symbolizes the importance of fishing along the banks of the river Salm in that region. As fishing remains a vital piece of Baileys Harbor economy and the Cornerstone prides itself on its local seafood, Paul found it only fitting to again fly the flag of his homeland.

Welcome to the Cornerstone Pub!

Thank you for joining and enjoying our tradition.